We're starting a Blog - want to help?

The Sydney Wine Centre exists to share the sheer enjoyment, interest and plain old relaxation that exists in a good glass of wine.

We believe there's nothing quite like it, and that's why we do what we do.

As part of this we want to reach more people and in more ways. So we're starting a blog, and we'd love you to help.

We're going to write about topics (rather than wine reviews), and we're going to go from basics - 'How do you Taste Wine?' through to 'What's the deal with ageing wine?' through to 'Single Vineyard Wines - what's the fuss?'

So if you're interested in writing about wine wine, or know anyone who is, get involved! You can either;

Email Andy: andy@sydneywinecentre.com.au ; or 

Call: (02) 7572 3500 

What's in it for me?

We'll pay you in delicous wine. Yup, we're serious. Or free seats to our tastings. We'll even cook you dinner if you really want.