Cheese and Wine

9 Cheeses, 9 Wines - How it works

1. You get your own individual tasting plate with 9 artisan cheeses from Simon Johnson.*

2. You have 3 specialist ISO wine tasting glasses. Each of the 9 wines poured are specifically matched to each cheese.

3. Relax and Enjoy! Explore the joys of cheese and wine as we talk you through each match.

*For A Taste of Australia you get a mix of 9 cheeses, meats, and canapés


Our cheese and wine nights are quite simply great fun, and suitable for all levels of experience. 

Sit round our communal long table, meet some friendly faces and indulge in some lovely wine, as one of our expert speakers leads you through each wine and each specially matched cheese.

Generally run on Thursday or Friday evenings, it's a great way to switch off from work, learn about wine and edge a little close to the weekend!

Upcoming Cheese and Wine Tastings

Cheesey Testimonials

Absolutely fantastic night. Great cheese, great wine, and we learnt a lot too.
— Mark, 27 November 2014
Amazing cheese, amazing wine, I’m so happy!
— Loretta, 27 November 2014
I never used to like blue cheese, but I’m a convert. That cheese and wine combination was beautiful!
— Tim, 27 November 2014