International Wines

The world of wine is a wonderful thing. Come and explore it with us!

Discover Italian Wines

12 wines, Cheeses & Antipasto

Discover Spanish Wines

12 wines, Cheeses & Tapas

Discover World Wines

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Discover World Wines

Upcoming international wine tastings


What countries do we explore?

Our International Tasting Series includes specific nights dedicated to

  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish and
  • South American Wines

The aim is to show excellent examples of the classic wine styles produced in traditional regions in these countries.

Each night will include 9+ wines allowing you to learn, taste and appreciate the culture, tradition and history of these regions. 

For those of you who love French wine and cheese together, we also hold a monthly French cheese and wine night.

Want to taste wine from a country we don't currently offer?

Let us know below!