International Wines

The world of wine is a wonderful thing. Come and explore it with us.

  • We run regular international wine tastings, based on a country, or group of countries
  • We also present specialist cheese and wine matching tastings at least once a month

See our upcoming international wine tastings below or see pictures of our recent events in the gallery.


Upcoming international wine tastings


What countries do we explore?

Our International Tasting Series includes specific nights dedicated to

  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish and
  • South American Wines

The aim is to show excellent examples of the classic wine styles produced in traditional regions in these countries.

Each night will include 9+ wines allowing you to learn, taste and appreciate the culture, tradition and history of these regions. 

For those of you who love French wine and cheese together, we also hold a monthly French cheese and wine night.

Want to taste wine from a country we don't currently offer?

Let us know below!